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Dr. Kam, YOUR ​Shoulder and Elbow Specialist

While at USC, Dr. Kam was trained by many recognized leaders in orthopaedic surgery.  In the following years, Dr. Kam gained knowledge and expertise in advanced elbow reconstruction surgery including treatment of all types of elbow fractures, ligament repairs and reconstruction due to trauma, elbow joint replacements, tendon repairs, treatment of stiff elbows, etc.  Elbow surgery can be very technically demanding.  That being said, Dr. Kam's experience has led him to a point where he has reproducible results and good patient satisfaction.

Shoulder Replacement

Research shows that the majority of shoulder replacements in this country are often times done by surgeons who do less than 5 such cases per year.  In comparison, Dr. Kam averages 10 shoulder replacements per month.  Studies have shown that when a surgeon does more than 10 shoulder replacements per year, their patients have better outcomes.  This degree of experience, in addition to making sure that the surgery is being done for the right reasons, has led him to have very high patient satisfaction scores.

Dr. Kam has been in practice since 2007.  After graduating in the top 5% of his medical school class, he went on to complete his orthopaedic surgery residency at the Los Angeles County/USC Orthopaedic Surgery program, an institution well regarded for its trauma center.  For additional training, he completed a yearlong subspecialty training program, or fellowship, in shoulder/elbow reconstruction and upper extremity surgery at the San Francisco Shoulder, Elbow, & Hand Clinic.  Under the guidance of Tom Norris, MD, Dr. Kam gained expertise in advanced shoulder and elbow reconstruction, learning from one of the nation's leaders in this field.  Dr. Kam then went on to private practice in Hawaii, and now Nevada.  He has gained a reputation in the community amongst his peers as a surgeon who will take on the most difficult of shoulder and elbow reconstruction cases.  He also participates in the education of orthopaedic residents as well as serves as a consultant/advisor to orthopaedic implant companies. 

Upper Extremity

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Elbow Reconstruction

Part of Dr. Kam's training included basic hand surgery skills.  While not enough to be a true hand surgeon (which requires a separate certification), he is very comfortable and well-trained to treat routine finger, hand, and wrist problems including:

- hand fractures

​- carpal tunnel syndrome

​- trigger fingers

​- cyst removal

​- wrist fractures

General Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Kam takes call at several hospitals in the Las Vegas area.  While on call, he will treat routine orthopaedic trauma that includes injuries such as ankle fractures, leg fractures, and hip fractures.  While he is an upper extremity specialist, he is very capable of taking care of these lower extremity injuries having trained at one of the busiest trauma centers in the country.