Click HERE to download the pendulum exercise handout (in English and Spanish) if you recently underwent shoulder surgery and Dr. Kam has advised you to do these exercises.  Please note that not every patient is allowed to do these exercises.

Data Collection Forms

AAOS Shoulder Home Exercise Program

Click HERE to download a shoulder exercise protocol from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Post operative Protocols for Shoulder Replacements

Post operative Pendulum Exercises


Click HERE to download the general plan for your shoulder replacement.  This includes how therapy progresses and general guidelines for how you should be doing at certain time intervals.

Forms and Documents

Patient Resources

Click HERE to download the forms if you have decided to participate in Dr. Kam's data collection studies.  He will use this information to improve the quality of the care he provides to his patients.  He will also use this information to advance the field of shoulder and elbow surgery by using the information for research and publication.

This section is to give patients access to information that will assist in their care.  This includes general information on common conditions that Dr. Kam treats.  Below you can find documents that will assist with your care after surgery as well.  This section should always be changing, so please feel free to come back on occasion to see if there is any new information.  This list can never address ALL conditions, but Dr. Kam will do his best to update this section with new, and pertinent information.


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