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Richard Michelin, DO Fellowship Trained orthopaedic surgeon

Shoulder & Elbow Specialist

Dr. Michelin specializes in shoulder and elbow orthopedic surgery, including arthroscopy, joint replacement, fracture repair, tendon repair, ligament reconstruction, and nerve decompression. He is highly experienced and has achieved excellent outcomes for his patients.

  • Adult-Shoulder1

    Adult Shoulder & Elbow Reconstructive Fellowship2022-2023

  • Orthopedic-Surgery2

    Orthopedic Surgery Residency2017-2022

  • Osteopathic-Medicine3

    Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine2013-2017

Patients Testimonials

  • I can’t recommend Dr. Michelin highly enough. He recently cared for my elderly Mother. He was so kind, patient and listened to her and what she needed. Under his care, her broken arm healed better than we could hope for! We highly recommend Dr. Michelin

    Joy Pearson

  • My wife tripped and fell 11/06/23 which resulted in a proximal fracture to the right arm. She was taken by ambulance to Summerlin Hospital Emergency where the fracture was diagnosed. After many mistakes and issues an appointment was finally made for 12/13/23 with Richard Michelin DO, Orthopedic Surg...

    Judith Campion

  • My 90 yr old mother fell and fractured the upper left Humerus bone. Due to her age an operation was out of the question. We went to Crovetti Ortho and Dr. Richard Michelin began taking care of my mom. Dr. Michelin is very professional and explained what the x-rays showed, the treatment and prognosis...


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