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Latanya Hooks's Story

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    Comments: On October 25th I suffered a right radial head fracture. I know, I know, say it in English right! Well I fractured my right elbow. This is my dominant arm. Fracturing this part of my arm restricted me from being able to move or rotate my hand. If you would’ve asked me for a high five or a down low, it just was not possible. My arm was locked in an L position. I was eventually referred to Dr. Michelin. He was so pleasant to meet with. He explained all of the in’s and out’s of what surgery could or would bring for me. He provided me all my options and I chose surgery of course. Surgery went so smooth, no mishaps before or after. I have now completed 8 weeks of therapy and needless to say, I am soooooooo happy with my progress. I have great extension, my hand moves like before and I can now sleep with no pain. My scar from surgery, well I don’t notice it until someone ask about it. Although I have more work to do in therapy, if this is as far as my arm will go, I am still grateful. A thank you will never be enough to express my gratitude to Dr. Michelin. His kind and gentle bedside manner just adds to his great work. Oh and I’m definitely using my right hand while typing this and I was not able to do this before my surgery. Thank you again Dr. Michelin.