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    Dr. Michelin is wonderful. He operated on my stepfather’s shoulder. We didn’t think he would get much rotation back, but the surgery worked with physical therapy. His plan of attack for recovery helped a lot. Highly recommend.

    ~ cvgeus . ~

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    I fell changing my air filters and fractured both bones in my Right Lower Leg. I’m a former Level 1 Trauma Nurse from the University of Michigan and knew right away the leg was broken in a few places. By luck, MD Michelin was on call that day when I went to the hospital and reconstructed me wi...

    ~ Sarah Lopez ~

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    On October 25th I suffered a right radial head fracture. I know, I know, say it in English right! Well I fractured my right elbow. This is my dominant arm. Fracturing this part of my arm restricted me from being able to move or rotate my hand. If you would’ve asked me for a high five or a down...

    ~ Latanya Hooks ~

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    Dr. Richard Michelin was spot on with his assessments of my broken wrist.

    ~ Phil Wratten ~

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    I can’t recommend Dr. Michelin highly enough. He recently cared for my elderly Mother. He was so kind, patient and listened to her and what she needed. Under his care, her broken arm healed better than we could hope for! We highly recommend Dr. Michelin

    ~ Joy Pearson ~

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